Why students get less marks in improvement examination

Why students get less marks or fail in improvement examination, a complete facts based detail is described in this article. There can be many reasons for failure in the improvement examination because every student’s situation is completely different from other students. Now, because facts are being discussed in this article, you should read this article carefully and understand it and try to fully follow the important things that are mentioned in it, if you want to do so. If you do, you will definitely benefit and you can get the best marks in the improvement exams.

Reasons & Solution: Why students get less marks in improvement examination

1. Method of Preparation for improvement examination

The first reason to fail in improvement exam, is not preparing properly, some students prepare but do not prepare as much as they should, due to which they cannot solve the paper properly.

2. Motivation is important for improvement exams

Due to lack of motivation, enough students need motivation to prepare for the improvement examination either from their parents or their teachers, who should motivate their students so that they can prepare for the improvement exams properly.

3. Cramming during preparing the improvement exams

The third reason could be that some bad habits like cramming and questions which should be read with understanding instead of cramming should clear the concepts while these topics are not understood. They are repeated over and over due to which students forget the concepts of the question during the improvement exam and thus there are many chances of reducing the marks.

4. Health problems

Another reason can be personal challenges for example health problems. There may be family problems, there may be some emotional stress due to which you are not able to prepare improvement exams properly.

5. Weakness

Another reason may be physical or mental weakness due to which students due to any physical weakness or mental Can’t succeed in improvement examinations.

6. Lack of resources for improvement exams

Another reason may be that some poor students don’t have the means to study reading like they don’t have notes or money to take model papers, or then they don’t have complete course books, so they can’t prepare for this reason. This is also an important reason of failure in improvement exams.

7. Don’t repeat mistakes from previous examination

There are mistakes which we remember but we don’t correct these mistakes while attending the improvement exams, we repeat the same mistakes in the exam due to which we fail or our marks are even lower than before.

8. Improvement exam format and pattern of paper

Another reason can be That we don’t know the format of the paper, we forget the format of the paper, we should look at some model papers before the improvement exam starts, see the format of the paper in them, how many questions will be asked, what kind of questions will be asked, how many questions will be asked and in what way they need to solve because understanding the paper pattern is also very important, you can improve your preparation like you must have a study plan to prepare improvement exams accordingly.

9. Try to prepare improvement exams in this way

Make small goals while preparing for the improvement exam. For example, you can make a goal to prepare one chapter in three days and try to prepare them within three days and continue this way of preparation.

10. Seek help from teachers and parents while preparing the improvement examination

Talk to your teachers or your parents who are literate about how to prepare for the improvement exam. Advice is mandatory. Read the last five years papers also while preparing the improvement examination. Must see the questions which are repeated in these papers. Generally, similar questions appear in the papers.

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