Uniform Result Card Implementation for Punjab Boards

Uniform Result Card Implementation for Punjab Boards. Approximately 4.5 lakh students from the nine school boards in Punjab will receive their results with the universal “Punjab Board” name. This change is designed to improve uniformity and clarity in outcome recording for both students and educational institutions.

uniform result card

New Rule about Uniform Result Card Implementation for Punjab Boards

A key decision has been reached to implement a common result card for all school boards in Punjab. According to the new system, all students’ result cards will now say “Punjab Board” instead of the district board. This decision intends to simplify and standardise the province’s education system.

Decision of PBCC

The Punjab Board Committee of Chairman (PBCC) has made the ultimate decision to issue identical result cards for all boards. Furthermore, it was decided that the passing mark for students would be raised to 40%, potentially increasing the bar for academic accomplishment and ensuring students attain a higher degree of competency.

Approval of New Rule

The forthcoming PBCC meeting is likely to offer formal approval for the execution of these decisions. Punjab’s school boards are ready to improve openness, comparability, and efficiency in the assessment and grading process, benefiting students, instructors, and the province’s entire education system, with this new standard result card system.

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