Passing Marks of 9th and 11th Class and New Grading Formula

Passing Marks of 9th and 11th Class and New Grading Formula is released for the annual examinations of 2024 and onward. An important statement has recently been made regarding students, namely those taking the 9th and 11th board exams in 2024. The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) is planning to establish a new grading formula and marking system for all school boards in Pakistan; this is the first step of the IBCC’s important decision. Students will not only receive their entire acquired marks under this new approach, but they will also have their grades and CGPA displayed on their DMCs.
Furthermore, the passing marks for these examinations have been increased as of the start of the following academic year. This adjustment represents a substantial shift in how all Pakistani education boards will measure students’ performance from now on.

Passing Marks of 9th and 11th Class and New Grading Formula

Phase 1 of the New Grading System 2024

This new grading system will be implemented beginning with the yearly 9th and 11th grade board examinations in 2024. According to this new grading structure, all educational boards in Pakistan will issue grades and CGPA to 9th and 11th grade students’ result cards (provided a candidate passes all examinations). For example, if a student receives 95% to 100%, his or her grade will be A++ and CGPA will be 5.0. The following table explains the new 2024 marking system for 9th and 11th grade students:

Obtained Marks (%)DescriptionLetter for GradeCGPA Scale: 5.0
95% to 100%ExceptionalA++5.0
90% to 94%OutstandingA+4.7
85% to 89%ExcellentA4.3
80% to 84%Very GoodB++4.0
75% to 79%GoodB+3.7
70% to 74%Fairly GoodB3.3
60% to 69%Above AverageC3.0
50% to 59%AverageD2.0
40% to 49%Below AverageE1.0
Less Than 40%Unsatisfactory/ FailU0

Meeting of the IBCC

The new grading system has been announced for all educational bodies in Pakistan. The Inter Boards Coordination Commission (IBCC) took this critical decision during their October 2023 meeting. During the conference, officials from all provinces’ educational boards met and settled on the new grading system. They also reduced the minimum passing mark required for all matric and inter students and devised a strategy to implement these changes gradually over time. We believe that this significant reform would improve education in Pakistan by providing students with a fair and consistent mechanism to assess their academic success.

New Board Exam Passing Percentage for 2024 and onward

The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen made another important decision during the previous meeting, when addressing the implementation of the new grading procedure. Not only did the committee unveil a new marking method, but it also resolved to revise the minimum passing scores for all matric and inter examinations in 2024. The new passing percentage for both matric and inter students will now be 40%, a significant improvement. This implies that applicants must get at least 40% in each topic. Previously, the passing rate was 33%. This decision marks a substantial shift in the assessment standards, consistent with the aim of assuring a better quality of student accomplishment in these exams.

Phases 2 and 3 of the IBCC Decision

According to the IBCC’s new grading system decision, the grading system and passing grades for 10th and 12th grade candidates would stay the same throughout Phase 1 (year 2024).
The IBCC has decided to entirely abandon the numbering system in Phase 2 (year 2025) and will solely issue grades and CGPA to students starting in 2025. For pupils in the 10th and 12th grades, however, the marks will be presented alongside the grade and CGPA, and the minimal passing percentage will be reduced to 40%. The IBCC will fully abandon the numbering system for both matric and inter part 1 and part 2 students in Phase 3 (2026 and forward). Only grades and CGPA will be mentioned in students’ result DMCs. The passing percentage for everyone will be 40%. Candidates with previous failure, additional, and improvement marks will be processed in accordance with the previous pattern of outcomes.

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