No More Failures in 9th and 11th Class by KPK Boards

No More Failures in 9th and 11th Class by KPK Boards. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Boards Committee has taken a big step towards revolutionising education by abolishing the idea of failure in grades 9 and 11. This ground-breaking decision represents a dramatic shift in how we see education and its influence on our young.

No More Failures in 9th and 11th Class by KPK Boards

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Boards Committee has agreed to abandon the conventional concept of failing pupils in class 9 and 11 in order to build a pleasant learning environment. This momentous shift is set to take effect beginning with the upcoming academic year, with no kid facing the burden of failure throughout these vital phases of their educational journey.

Promoting Growth and Progress

According to Prof. Nasrallah Khan Yousafzai, Chairman of the Peshawar Education Board, this decision is the result of a thorough examination and understanding of the difficulties that students frequently confront. The proposal, given to the All Chairman Board Committee, emphasises the importance of encouraging struggling students rather than limiting their educational opportunities. This shift in emphasis corresponds with a mission to promote progress and development among students who may be discouraged by standard grading practises.

Developing Lifelong Learners

The decision to abolish fails in grades 9 and 11 sends a strong message that the education system prioritises growth and development over punitive measures. Students are more likely to acquire a passion for knowledge that transcends beyond the bounds of classrooms if a culture of continual learning and growth is fostered. This transformation affects not just individual pupils, but it also adds to the broader improvement of the education sector.

Accepting Individual Learning Pathways

Every learner is different, with different strengths, limitations, and learning speeds. The decision to eliminate the concept of failure recognises this variability and aims to accommodate students on various learning paths. This approach is consistent with the concept that success is measured by holistic personal and intellectual improvement rather than standardised examinations.

A More Promising Future

The foresight of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Boards Committee lays the way for a brighter future for the region’s young. The committee is setting a precedent by fostering inclusivity and a positive attitude towards learning, emphasising the importance of education as a method of developing well-rounded individuals prepared to face the difficulties of the modern world.

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