New Improvement Policy for Matric & Intermediate

New Improvement Policy for Matric & Intermediate is issued by Inter Boards Committee Chairmen (IBCC). Before the corona epidemic, the principle of improvement was that after class 10th or 12th, students were given only one chance to improve their marks again. But after the corona epidemic, the improvement policy was repeatedly changed keeping in view the situation.
In this article, complete details are given from the old policy of improvement to the coming of the new policy. First, the details of the new policy have been given.

New Improvement Policy for Matric & Intermediate (2023 and onward)

Under the new improvement policy,

  • students are given only four chances within two years to improve their marks.
  • Students can improve complete part first and part second according to their choice.
  • Students can also improve all the subjects of a single part.
  • Students can also improve any one, two or three subjects of one part, but remember that in case of improving of one, two or three subjects, both the parts of the same subject have to be given the exam.

The following notification has been issued on the official Facebook page of the Punjab Board, the link of which is also given below.

Latest punjab improvement policy 2023
Latest punjab improvement policy 2023

Proof Link For above Notification:

Previous Improvement Policy

The following written policy is issued by PBCC.

  • For improvement of grades or marks Matric (SSC) and Intermediate (HSSC), students will be given unlimited chances. Students can improve complete Part I or Part II or combine or some subjects only.
  • This policy will take effect from first Annual Examination 2019 and onward. Its is only for Matric (SSC) and Intermediate (HSSC) students.


old improvement policy
Previous improvement policy

Improven Policy (After Covid Epidemic)


Punjab Boards:

According to the new improvement policy of Punjab Boards, students will be given four chances but they have to complete these chances within three years. You should know that two exams are held in a year, then students can easily attend the Improvement exams in three years.
Remember that Only thoese students who took the first fresh exam in 2020 or onward, will be able to attend the exam according to the new Improvement Policy.

Other Boards:

With the exception of Punjab Boards , all the other boards have given four chances to the students under the new improvement policy 2022 in which they can easily attend the four-time improvement exams.

What will be syllabus for improvement exams?
All the Boards of Education as a whole have decided that the students who will attended the Improvement examination,they must remeber Exams will now be taken from the complete syllabus. Now the smart syllabus has been abolished.

What will be the Paper Pattern?
The paper pattern of the Improvement examinations will be the latest paper pattern.

Notification For New Improvement Policy 2022

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