How to apply for Rechecking | Recounting of Marks

How to apply for rechecking or recounting of marks in educational boards, complete details are going to be disclosed in this post. Many times when the marks of the students in the board exams result are less than what they think. If the marks do not come according to the amount of preparation for the exams, then the education board has provided a facility for the students under which the students can apply and get their marks re-checked.
In this post, you will know what is rechecked in papers in rechecking/recounting marks.
It seems to the students that during rechecking or re- counting,  the complete paper is checked again but it is not.


How to apply for Recounting of Marks?

There are different ways to apply for recounting in different education boards. Some education boards provide the facility for students to apply online while some education boards allow students to apply offline.

How to Apply Online?

To apply online, the online form is filled by the candidate provided on the website of education board in which the details of the class, roll number and the subject to be rechecked are entered. The challan form is also done online to pay the fee and the challan number must be written in the application form.

What information may be required to fill the online Challan Form?

Generally following given information are asked to fill Bank Challan Form

  1. Roll Number
  2. Registration Number
  3. Student’s name / Institution code
  4. CNIC / Passposrt Number
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Amount to be paid (Rs.)

How to Apply Offline?

To apply offline, download the application form¬† and fee challan form from the board’s website and fill it or the form can also be collected from the board office. After depositing the fee to the bank office, complete details are written on the application form and form with the paid challan form is submitted to board office within the deadline.

How is paper rechecked during recounting?

Where recounting does not imply re-assessment or re-evaluation of the answer books, the chairman or any officer or recounting committee appointed by him shall ensure that:

  • There is no error in the grand total on the title page of the answer book; and the total of various parts of a question has been correctly made at the end of each question.
  • On the title page of the answer book, all totals have been appropriately presented.
  • No part of any answer has been left blank.
  • The total marks in the answer book match the total marks on the marks sheet.
  • The candidate’s handwriting in the question/answer book.
  • The answer book, or any portion of it, has not been altered or separated.

Students may ask the following questions:

Question: Generally, after how many days are the results of recounting issued?
Answer: Generally, the result of recounting or rechecking is released within twenty days, but if there is a special case, another ten days extension is allowed by the order of the chairman.

Question: If during recounting the numbers increase, is the fee paid refunded?
Answer: Yes. If the marks increase than before, the fee paid is also refunded and the student submits the old result card to the board office again, after which the board office will issue a new revised result card.


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